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Abandoned Crossing Signals

A pack of 6 Out of service and damaged crossing signals

Great for hinting that a now abandoned line was once a main line

Created by: ltg. Released 6/6/18.

Small Billboards Pack 1

A pack of 25 small sized billboards, sporting various advertisements.

Ads date from 1945-2018, both legitimate and humorous!

Created by: ltg. Released 7/15/18.

Small Billboards Pack 2

In August, I asked the members of Approach Medium's discord server

to design and submit their own funny billboards, these are the winners.

Created by: ltg. Released 10/13/18.

TBS Roads: Pack 1 Updated

A pack of 4 sets of AASHTO compliant road splines, highly detailed!

Includes pavement marking splines and speed limits from 25 to 55 mph

Created by: ltg. Updated 10/24/18. Get Original Pack From 7/28/18

Pre Service Vaders Pack 1

A pack of 8 vader signals in various arrangements with their heads turned

away from service. Place them behind your signals to hint PTC is coming!

Created by: ltg. Released 8/19/18.

Abandoned Clutter pack 1

A pack of several neglected NYC searclights in various configurations.

aswell as a set of worn down crossbucks and a railroad tie spline!

Created by: ltg. Released 9/16/18. Recommended for T:ANE Only

Sawhorse Street Barrier pack

A pack of several wooden sawhorse barricades varying in colors.

pack also includes a smudgepot

Created by: ltg. Released 3/23/19.