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"Starburst" Drive in asset pack

Pack featuring an originally designed vintage drive in theatre.

7 models and 2 spline assets included

Created by: ltg. Released 7/6/18.

Generic Antique Shop

you find these mom 'n pop style antiques stores all over the midwest

contains 1 building and 1 sign.

Created by: ltg. Released 7/28/18.

Modern Pizza Restaurant

Rapid Fired is an Ohio Based pizza restaurant launched in 2016

contains 1 building.

Created by: ltg. Released 10/31/18.

Modern Gas Stations Pack 1

a pack of 3 modern gas stations, 2 active, 1 abandoned.

contains 11 assets.

Created by: ltg. Released 1/25/19.

TBS 130' Roundhouse Kit

Contains all you need to create custom roundhouses

Contains 14 assets.

Created by: don49plm (TBS Associate). Released 2/27/19.

TBS Generic Ice Cream Shop

Every small town needs a dairy barn!

Contains 3 variants and a sign.

Created by: ltg. Released 6/21/19.

Modern Walmart Pack

Modern Walmart Supercenter with Sign

Incomplete Content. Does NOT support Level of detail LOD meshes.

Created by: ltg. Released 9/13/19.

Modern Kroger Grocery Store

Modern Kroger store with sign and cart returns. (Does not have T.P.)

Created by: ltg. Released 3/27/20.