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We're dedicated to producing high quality DLC for Trainz 2012 and Trainz: A New Era. Our products range from steam locomotives to track objects, scenery, routes, textures and soundpacks!


TRC R.R. Warning Changing Message Sign Pack

This pack comes with 14 assets total. TRC advance warning signals. With changing banner signs that flip between their default message and 'Stop Ahead'. This style was patented in 1968 but never adopted by any major railroad.

Created by: ltg. Released 12/2/18.

TBS TRC Griswold Rotator Pack

This pack comes with 12 fully animated and TRC scripted Griswold Signal Co, "Rotating Stop sign" crossing signals. Available in 4 syles, Modern, which comes in a fresh silver pain scheme and modern red stop sign. Classic, which comes with the original yellow porcelain stop sign with cateyes that griswold built for the signals. Rusty, is a less maintained version of the modern skin, with patchy paint. Finally is Out Of Service, this style is missing the stop sign altogether, however the lights still flash and the sign bracket still turns out upon activation, also included in a non antimated version which has a painted over stop sign with an exempt sign screwed into it.

Created by: ltg. Released 11/17/18.