"Ready To Reforge History"

We're dedicated to producing high quality DLC for Trainz 2012 and Trainz: A New Era. Our products range from steam locomotives to track objects, scenery, routes, textures and soundpacks!


TBS Light Pacific Pack

New from the shops are the Generic T85 4-6-2 Light Pacific's. These locomotives are built to Baldwin specifications from the 1930s. This pack contains FIFTY TWO locomotives with varying headlight styles, various toggle meshes, wheel colors and four custom tenders styles.

Created by: Trainman 7616. Released 10/31/19.

Union Pacific FEF-3 Pack

Pack of 6 Engines with auto-running numbers. Be sure to look at the readme file included for all listed features!

Created by: USSc1798. Released 10/31/19.

Fixed Distant Signal Pack

ideal for dark shortlines, place ahead an absolute signal, like an interlocking.

Created by: ltg. Released 9/15/19.